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A family owned and operated manufacturing facility since 1946. As part of this nation’s aerospace and aviation industry we have had the pleasure of being an integral part of the development and production for nearly every major American space and commercial flight milestone achievement. From the time of Apollo and the moon to the Space Shuttle and Space Station, LSMP was there. From Commercial launch vehicles to the Satellites they launch, LSMP played a major role. From Commercial airliners to the SR71 and Stealth programs, LSMP has had the distinct pleasure of actively participating in some of the greatest accomplishments in our Nation’s history. Now we have been selected as one of the fabrication houses to propel our country to the next reaches of space with the Moon to Mars program.

LSMP is known for our ability to tackle the most sophisticated forming and assembly requirements our customers can design. Now you can see why our customers consider Laurel Sheet Metal as their “GO TO” fabrication company to handle their engineer’s most complicated designs.

LSMP has decades of experience with Nickels, Cobalts, Titanium, Magnesium, Stainless and Aluminum with material as thin as .001 to as heavy as 6 inches thick, LSMP has the skill and facilities to handle your requirements.

When our customer’s assemblies require the highest standards of welding, riveting, laser, etc., LSMP has the experience and credentials to be the “One Stop Shop” for all your fabricating needs.


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