Laurel Sheet Metal Products, Inc. is considered by most in the industry as the ultimate in complex part forming and assembly. With Deep draw capacity to 48 inches of draw depth X 60 inches wide X 60 inches long and 660 tons of triple action potential, Laurel has created parts and developed techniques that allow our customer’s engineers to create designs with fewer weld joints than previously thought possible.

With brake forming up to 20 feet in length, Laurel has the capacity to form parts up to 6 inches in thickness. With up to 440 tons of press brake capacity there are few parts LSMP is not capable of forming.

Smaller parts are certainly no problem as we have presses, brakes and forming tools for all applications.

As importantly, LSMP has developed proprietary drawing and forming techniques unknown in the industry where we can keep metal thinning to an absolute minimum while maintaining tolerances more in line with machined parts standards.

For assemblies, LSMP realizes the need for near perfect fit ups be it formed part to formed part or machined part to formed part. By combining in house forming and machining LSMP consistently monitors mating components and adjusts tolerances to assure the best part to part contact is maintained. This enables LSMP to keep distortion and stress to a minimum or in many cases a non factor.



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