Laurel has over 60 years of extensive fabrication capacities building major components for aviation and aerospace engines, ducts, wing, hull, and fuselage sections, hushing devices for jet engines, stiffeners and skins as well as the smallest stamping and material thicknesses - read more.

Machining Forming Shearing Quality Assurance
In house ability to both machine and inspect parts and assemblies within .0002 of an inch.. Deep draw capacity to 48 inches of draw depth X 60 inches wide X 60 inches long and 660 tons of triple action potential. In house shearing capacity to .25 inch thick; shearing material from coil or sheets longer than 12 feet. Accreditation from PRI for ISO9001 and AS9100.
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LSMP has decades of experience with Nickels, Cobalts, Titanium, Magnesium, Stainless and Aluminum with material as thin as .001 to as heavy as 6 inches thick, LSMP has the skill and facilities to handle your requirements. - Learn more...